Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of websites do you review?

HealthWeb Navigator publishes reviews of health-related websites. The websites we review address topics like specific diseases and conditions, health insurance, prescription drugs, men and women’s health, pediatrics, and more.

You can browse the full index of the different website categories on the Reviews page.

What kinds of websites DON’T you review?

Even though we review health-related websites, there are many types of websites we don’t consider for review. We do not review websites that:

• Promote specific doctors or hospitals
• Primarily sell health-related products
• Are not written in English
• Require payment to access information

Who reviews websites for HealthWeb Navigator?

Our team of website reviewers changes regularly. Currently we partner with at least 50 medical professionals to assess online health content. We keep our reviewers’ names anonymous for privacy reasons.

Our usability reviewers are general web users following guidelines that are consistent with standard usability best practices.

To learn more about our review process, visit the Our Review Process page.

Can I review websites for HealthWeb Navigator?

We require all health content reviewers to have attained a level of medical training/experience at the level of nurse practitioner and above. Additionally, the medical experience must be considered satisfactory within the framework of science-based medicine.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for HealthWeb Navigator, please send us a resume detailing your health experience to

We are not accepting usability reviewers at this time.

What do your website ratings mean?

Based on the reviewer’s scores and comments, websites are given one of three possible ratings:

Highly Recommended websites are among the very best resources in our collection. These websites score highly in both content AND usability.

Recommended websites are reliable, but there may be a few issues with the website’s content or usability. Some of the information could be limited, difficult to find, or not completely up-to-date.

Not Recommended websites contain inaccurate or questionable health content that our health reviewers advise readers to steer clear of.

You can read more about our editorial standards in our Editorial Policy.

How often are reviewed websites reevaluated?

Once a website is added to our collection, we assign it for review on an annual basis for as long as the website is active. We do this in order to account for any changes to the website’s content and/or design.

Can I submit a website for review?

Head over to our Contact page and fill out the Submit a Website form if you think a website would be a good fit in our collection. Refer back to the first two questions at the top of this page if you’re unsure what types of websites we review.