AboutKidsHealth is an inconsistent online resource for children's health information. Users will find over 2,000 medically reviewed articles on common diseases and conditions, pregnancy, child development, nutrition, parenting techniques, medications, tests and procedures and more. Other features, such as detailed information about some diseases and links to disease-specific resources and organizations enhance the experience. The site is recommend for credible information for children & teens and those who give care for them, but the content is erratic.

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Review Date: 9/20/2019


Ease of Use

AboutKidsHealth offers a straightforward experience for visitors. The navigation tabs are distinct and easy to use. Using the search bar pulls results from across the site, returning a list of articles and resources weighted by keyword appearance. By clicking on the Refine ribbon the A-Z Health Index can be browsed by disease, organ system, anatomic location, or health category.

Visual Design

The web design is pretty plain. While most pages feature some sort of image, the website is largely a collection of text pages in gray font on a white background.


The website does a fair job of covering common pediatric topics and diseases, but the breadth is limited and unpredictable. The content quality and subject matter are variable and only a few rare disorders are mentioned. However the content that is present is relevant and scientifically sound.


All topics and articles are authored by SickKids robust editorial team, but individual authors are not identified. Each disease topic is overseen by Specialists in that area who are are all health-care professionals at The Hospital for Sick Children. The currency of information varies from page to page. Most topics have been reviewed since 2016, but some have not been looked at since somewhere between 2015-2009


  1. Detailed information about and links to disease-specific resources and organizations
  2. Content writen for general readers but also includes areas tailored to children and teens
  3. Section providing information about 216 medications
  4. Animated, interactive atlas of child anatomy and physiology
  5. Detailed sections on nutrition, safety and everyday child health topics, and child development from newborn to teen


  1. Inconsistent and unpredictable collection of practical pediatric information with 2,090 topics covering many aspects of child health and development
  2. The topics are quite variable in their content quality and subject matter; some are very specific while other very general
  3. Topics can be about anything from a disease, medication, procedure, or symptom to antibiotic resistance or accident insurance
  4. Some topics have not been reviewed since 2015-2009.


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and receives financial support from sponsors including government funding, foundations, and corporations

Accreditations: HONcode compliant (August 2020)

Additional Features: News coverage, videos, games, quizzes, newsletter

Languages: English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Swahili