AboutKidsHealth is a comprehensive online resource for children's health information. Users will find medically reviewed articles on common diseases and conditions, pregnancy, child development, nutrition, parenting techniques and more. Our reviewers highly recommend this website for those who give care to children as well as children and teens themselves.

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Review Date: 3/2/2018


Ease of Use

AboutKidsHealth offers a straightforward experience for visitors. The navigation tabs are distinct and easy to use. Using the search bar pulls results from across the site, returning a list of articles and resources weighted by keyword appearance.

Visual Design

The web design is pretty plain. While most pages feature some sort of image, the website is largely a collection of text pages in gray font on a white background.


The website takes a balanced and unbiased approach to exploring children's health. The page on autism spectrum disorder, for instance, criticizes past explanations of its cause while admiting there isn't a clear answer. Overall the content here is relevant and scientifically sound.


The currency of information varies from page to page. Many of the site's materials have been reviewed within the past calendar year. Unfortunately most pages haven't been reviewed since 2009. On a positive note, AboutKidsHealth's editorial team is robust and includes specialists in each topic explored on the site—even if author names are generally absent.


  1. Comprehensive collection of practical pediatric resources covering all aspects of child health and development
  2. Diverse multimedia content keeps the reader engaged
  3. Content writen for general readers but also includes areas tailored to children and teens
  4. Educational materials are written by medical reviewers and revised often


  1. A few pages haven't been updated on over eight years


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, and receives financial support from sponsors including government funding, foundations, and corporations

Accreditations: HONcode compliant (March 2017)

Additional Features: Videos, games, quizzes, newsletter

Languages: English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Swahili


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