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Access Better Coverage guides visitors through the process of accessing health insurance with an engaging video series, a helpful glossary for insurance jargon, and state-specific insurance enrollment tools. This site is recommended for its simple introduction to the most important aspects of health insurance. But even though the site has a nice visual appeal, navigation can be a chore.

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Review Date: 3/2/2018


Ease of Use

Navigating Access Better Coverage isn't the most pleasant experience. There are only three tabs to browse, yet some subtopics overlap within the same category like "The Basics." The setup requires a good deal of clicking to get around the site. Sometimes this leads to spinning in circles.

Visual Design

This website has a slick web design despite its navigation issues. Contemporary, professional, and plenty of engaging videos and graphics. The color scheme and use of native icons is commendable.


Visitors won't find much information on the group backing this website — Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. They won't find an editorial policy that clarifies how information is published and updated either. However, the site does provide a balanced look at the health insurance market. The state-by-state resources are particularly helpful.


No author names or credentials are available to verify the content’s credibility. Some references are provided, but it's not a consistent practice. All sponsorships are disclosed, and the website is up-to-date within three months of this review.


  1. Plenty of engaging video content
  2. Cover health insurance with simple, user-friendly explanations
  3. Helps visitors navigate the enrollment period and make more informed decisions
  4. Comprehensive overviews of each state’s healthcare plans
  5. Great for those who don't get their health insurance through work or the marketplace


  1. Not easy to navigate
  2. Headings often don’t match the information being described
  3. Generic patient examples aren’t very helpful
  4. Lacks tools that help users understand their own unique insurance situation
  5. No author names listed, and dates of publication are hard to access


Sponsors / Affiliations: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a for-profit trade group established in 1958 representing major companies in the pharmaceutical industry

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, downloadable insurance fact sheets by state, glossary of insurance terms, blog, news

Languages: English, Spanish


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