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Active Minds brings awareness to mental health issues associated with the high school & college experience, especially suicide. The site provides access to many resources that offer support for young people with mental health problems, especially those that may involve contemplation of suicide. This website is recommended for providing abundant resources for students, family & friends, and administrators by linking to supportive organizations and additional information for those diagnosed with mental health conditions.

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Review Date: 12/24/2019


Ease of Use

The focus of the homepage is to attract the user to join the organization and donate to it. The information is organized into boxes with large font and seems designed for someone in distress who needs clear and simple information. The limited amount of text and large font make it easy to read. Videos can be accessed by using the search bar. Search bar results cannot be sorted. Some of the site content is only available to members.

Visual Design

Strong visual design with an appealing leading image and text that states the website's mission at the outset. Slick graphics for statistics, and colorful clickable topic centers.


This site is an important starting place for students wishing to begin pursuing support for mental health issues. Although the information is important to provide some awareness of mental health disorders & suicide to site users, it is unreferenced and can be superficial. Those interested in more reliable information and detail about mental health issues will need a more comprehensive site.


Active Minds is a dynamic and reputable organization whose major impact is the offline activities for and provided by the members. Lack of credited authors and posting dates limit the credibility of onsite informational content. Users will find that blogs, press releases, and other social media posts are being added regularly.


  1. Valuable information about mental health symptoms & warning signs of suicide, self-care, and offering help
  2. Includes many resources for support of young people with mental health problems that may involve contemplation of suicide and their friends & families
  3. Opportunity to join or create an Active Minds chapter


  1. Most of the information about mental health is very basic since the website is largely for support and increasing awareness of the organization & other resources


Sponsors / Affiliations: Active Minds, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2001 and incorporated in 2003 with more than 450 high-school and college campus chapters

Accreditations: Platinum Seal of Transparency (2019), Top-Rated Great Non-Profits 2019

Additional Features: Crisis information & other resources, videos, blog, speakers bureau, press releases, suicide prevention exhibit, online store, e-newsletter

Languages: English

Contact: (202) 332-9595