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Addiction Guide

Addiction Guide seeks to help those affected by addiction by providing reliable information, resources, advice, tips, and guides for patients and families. This recommended website links to multiple local and national resources for specific addictions. There is comprehensive information on various addictive substances including cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamine, stimulants, painkillers, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and more.

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Review Date: 5/29/2018


Ease of Use

The website helpfully provides a brief summary of addiction before discussing illicit drugs like stimulants, painkillers, and benzodiazepines. A bulleted "Navigate" menu on the right side of the page breaks down the specific topic's subsections. The site's search bar returns a small number of results that seem to be sorted by best keyword match. Note that the site's phone number is no longer in service, even though it is prominently displayed at the top of every page.

Visual Design

Bright, inspiring images on the homepage guide users through the different education and resource tabs. Text is large and well spaced. One drawback is that the light gray font is sometimes hard to read. Otherwise the website appears professionally designed and uses ample images and multimedia to enhance the browsing experience.


Addiction Guide provides excellent coverage of the most common forms of addiction and substance abuse. Every page makes sure to include the references used, each coming from high quality sources. Overall, the website does a great job exploring addiction briefly yet authoritatively.


Authors are not provided with the content. The production team is a diverse group made up of recovering addicts, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates. Again, no specific names are provided. Even though the website references high quality sources of support, there is little detail provided about who is behind Addiction Guide.


  1. Each page includes drug- or alcohol-specific information like symptoms/warning signs, complications, treatment options, etc.
  2. Links to relevant organizations and many other valuable services
  3. Covers basic definitions/concepts for those who are not familiar with addiction
  4. Good first-stop in learning about addiction as a broad concept


  1. Search bar doesn't filter results or highlight the search term, requiring users to sift through material that may be irrelevant
  2. Content covers only basic addiction information, so users will need to consult other websites regarding specific addictions


Sponsors / Affiliations: Addiction Guide, an online advocacy resource with unclear financial backing

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Treatment center finder, support groups, videos, blog, user forums, mobile app, patient support helpline

Languages: English

Contact: info@addictionguide.com