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American Academy of Dermatology – Public and Patients

American Academy of Dermatology devotes this section of its website to detailed reader-friendly materials on dermatologic conditions and skin, hair, and nail care. Resources available on this website include information on spotting skin cancer, common diseases and treatments, an educational page made specifically for children, and a video library of dermatologist-approved skin care tips. This site is highly recommended as one of the best places to learn about most common skin problems.

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Review Date: 10/1/2019


Ease of Use

Browsing takes no time at all; the whole experience seems geared toward a pleasant user-experience. The website gives users a small, collapsible "Navigate" sidebar to guide them toward the most relevant materials. And even though the search bar pulls results from the entire website, users can filter out everything but the public-facing the materials with the click of a button.

Visual Design

Exellent use of white space to prevent clutter. Contrasting colors keep the reader's eye engaged, as do the site's many images and videos. Simple but effective design.


The American Academy of Dermatology has curated a first-stop resource for skin-related questions and concerns. The materials available here are highly relevant, detailed, and cover the range of common topics related to dermatology. A few articles have detailed references that indicate alignment with current knowledge, but most do not. However, users should be comfortable with the quality of this information based on the expertise of members association


The website's educational content is presumably reviewed by licensed dermatologists, though author/editor names are not available for the public. The credibility of the content relies solely on the reputation of the AAD. The referenced articles include recent research, however it is unclear if the remaining topics are regularly updated. Overall, the website provides highly credible materials but it's unfortunate there is no documentation to assure this.


  1. Helpful tool that puts users in touch with individualized screening resouces
  2. Many detailed informational articles, some of which include authoritative references
  3. Materials are highly informative yet easy to read
  4. Separate sections about skin cancer and for children
  5. Helpful information about hair, skin, and nail care
  6. Impressive graphic design that stands apart from wesbsites of similar organizations


  1. Lack of information about the source of specific articles limits the ability to adequately judge quality and quality
  2. This is primarily a professional website geared toward Dermatologists


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Academy of Dermatology, a professional membership organization formed in 1938, The Society for Pediatric Dermatology

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Ask a Dermatologist, links to disease-specific resources,, cancer screening tool, educational handouts, video library, dermatologist finder

Languages: English, some Spanish

Contact: mediarelations@aad.org