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The Choosing Your Treatment Team page of the American Cancer Society compiles many databases and directories to help people searching for the best hospitals, healthcare facilities, and physicians to treat cancer. There are also sections specific to children and caregivers & families, and general information about understanding a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and long-term outlook. This website is highly recommended as a good introductory resource for those seeking basic guides on accessing and understanding cancer treatment.

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Review Date: 4/15/2019


Ease of Use

Those without basic database experience may not find the search process intuitive. As topics are broken down into smaller pieces users may need to go through multiple screens to get to specific information.

Visual Design

The pages are very basic, without pictures or illustrations.


There are many contributors with clinical expertise responsible for creating this part of the website, but users will find no references for the content. The resources collected for this section are essential and are the most important reason to visit. They can be relied on to point to the best resources available for all people facing cancer, as well as their families & caregivers. Some of the informational content complements the theme of finding the right treatment center & health care team, but some content is superficial and only repeats in-depth medical content found in the rest of the ACS site.


Overall content credited to the ACS medical and editorial content team of doctors & master's-prepared nurses and journalists, editors, & translators with extensive experience in medical writing. The lack of author citations on the articles does not significantly impact the authoritarian nature of the content. Although the website frequently updates some materials to reflect current research, many other pages have not been reviewed in the last 2 years, leaving users wondering whether the topic has not been reviewed or it has been and nothing new has developed.


  1. Focuses on resources for people with cancer including "Understanding the Health Care System," "How to Find Treatment," and helpful questions to ask your doctor organized by cancer type.
  2. The content is written in plain language and includes information about understanding a cancer diagnosis, cancer treatments & side effects, and survivorship.
  3. Those resources available here are trustworthy & credible and direct users to further information that would otherwise be too unwieldy to deal with on a single website


  1. Some information may be outdated since there is no indication that topics are regularly reviewed


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Cancer Society, a nonprofit volunteer organization founded in 1913, Hockey Fights Cancer™, CVS Health®

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Collection of doctor-finder directories, links to many other resources for finding cancer care, supportive services, hospice, & financial assistance, cancer helpline, live chat

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