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The American Chronic Pain Association provides videos and brief descriptions of conditions associated with chronic pain. There is also information about how to improve medical appointments as well as pain management techniques. This website is recommended for its advice and tools for improving pain management.

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Review Date: 7/9/2018


Ease of Use

The website features a confusing layout. The "Donate" tab on the site's main navigation bar is highlighted red; directly beneath it is a sub-header that contains links to "Home," "About," and "Contact" pages. This structure seems to go against what is expected. While the homepage is cluttered with numerous options, there are attempts to guide visitors to the most relevant areas, including a "Start Here" link. Unfortunately the organization is not very intuitive and takes some getting used to.

Visual Design

Not much visual appeal on the American Chronic Pain Association. The site's homepage has many jarring elements that distract the reader's eye. Main images appear to be improperly sized and contribute to an unprofessional look. The site's color scheme also seems to conflict with itself.


There's a lot of information here relevant to people living with chronic pain. The website provides one of the most comprehensive collections of tools/resources related to chronic pain. Many of the resources here are very brief, providing only the most basic of introductions. Additionally, the website does not credit those sources of information used to generate content. Without references, visitors are forced to take the website's information at face value.


No authors are credited on the site's content. However, there is a qualified board of directors as well as an expert advisory board. The American Chronic Pain Association carries a good deal of credibility within the pain management field. The website could be more explicit about the currency of it's information, though. Many pages are not dated, and some of the tools haven't been updated in 5+ years.


  1. Excellent collection of tools and resources related to chronic pain management
  2. Pain management strategies organized by specific condition
  3. Lots of downloadable user-friendly charts and checklists
  4. Information about communicating with doctors and self-management techniques are especially relevant


  1. Information could be more detailed in places
  2. Site sections can be hard to navigate
  3. Some content may be outdated due to lack of publication dates
  4. Dropdown menus occasionally require more than two levels of browsing
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Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Chronic Pain Association, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1980

Accreditations: HON seal (2017), GoldStar seal of transparency

Additional Features: Pain management tools, videos, online education, news, support services

Languages: Over 60 languages