American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association provides basic information about diabetes type I and II and gestational diabetes, including treatment and complications. Visitors will also find a variety of food and fitness tips, local camps and events, and current research progress. The site is recommended as a credible source of introductary information about three types of diabetes. However, users will need another site to find more details about each.

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Review Date: 11/7/2019


Ease of Use

The resources are organized logically, with clear and distinct topics and subtopics. Tabs expand and collapse when clicked to reduce clutter. Aside from an overcrowded homepage, this website will be straightforward for most audiences.

Visual Design

The website is full of graphics and other tools to keep the reader engaged. A nice color scheme and varied layout enhance the user's experience as well.


The American Diabetes Association is one of the most trusted sources for diabetes research, but they do not provide references for the information on the site. The depth and breadth of materials are limited, but it does provide a basic understanding about diabetes type I and II and gestational diabetes.


Informational materials on the website are written anonymously and without information on reviewers or dates of review. It is only the credibility of the American Diabetes Association that gives reliability to the content. Recent information about research and advocacy are on the front line of diabetes news and research.


  1. Detailed information on diabetes diagnosis, treatment, and advocacy
  2. Strategies for returning to normal life following a diabetes diagnosis
  3. Written with the consumer in mind, featuring friendly yet authoritative information
  4. American Diabetes Association is one of the most trusted sources for diabetes research


  1. Those responsible for the accuracy of the content are unknown
  2. The content may be out of date since no informational pages have date stamps
  3. The homepage is overpopulated with numerous tabs, links, and shortcuts


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Diabetes Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization founded in 1940

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Risk test tools, consumer guide for diabetes products, blog, online chat, telephone helpline, advocacy toolkit, support community, online store, news, recipes, podcast

Languages: Spanish