American Kidney Fund

American Kidney Fund is recommended as a good source of information about kidney diseases and transplants. It also provides advocacy resources and financial assistance to patients with kidney disease. While other websites may offer more in-depth material, this is a good place to start that's free of commercial bias.

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Review Date: 8/31/2018


Ease of Use

Navigation is easy to understand, with clear menu featuring organized subtopics. The homepage segments content tailored to the user's needs: "I have questions about kidney disease," "I have kidney disease," etc. Pages are laid out consistently and in a user-friendly format. Subtopics direct users to the appropriate resources, and content is segmented in easy-to-digest sections.

Visual Design

Sleek, modern visual design featuring clean images and large type. Excellent use of color that draws the reader in but doesn't overwhelm the experience. The layout is consistent and allows readers to scan, browse, and search easily.


There is plenty of valuable and detailed information available for readers at the American Kidney Fund. Each topic is introduced with a brief description; if readers want to learn more, they can explore it in more depth. More of the information could be referenced to increase transparency, but otherwise this is an excellent source of general, science-based kidney health information.


No authors or editors are credited on the website. There aren't any review dates, either, making it difficult to assess the content's currency. Some content is supported by an educational grant from Novartis, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Overall, a credible website providing accurate, helpful resources for patients.


  1. Up-to-date information adhering to current medical practices
  2. Large section devoted to financial assistance
  3. Complex concepts explained in plain, accessible language
  4. Offers free helpline to answer reader questions


  1. Does not identify persons responsible for writing content
  2. No review dates given


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Kidney Fund, a publicly supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1971

Accreditations: BBB accredited charity, Charity Navigator 4-Star Charity, GuideStar platinum seal of transparency (2017), CharityWatch A+ Rating, National Health Council Standards of Excellence certified

Additional Features: Toll-free phone helpline, webinars, blog, financial assistance programs, clinical trial finder, infographics, videos

Languages: English, Spanish