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The American Liver Foundation is recommended as an excellent source of information about liver disease for patients and caregivers. The information is relevant and understandable, and avoids excessive detail. There are many general and disease-specific resources for patients and caregivers, including support groups, downloadable handouts, and inspiring patient stories.

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Review Date: 7/11/2018


Ease of Use

Well organized topics and a clean layout make this an easy to use website. Each topic in the site's dropdown menu choices are alphabetized for easy browsing. The section headings guide users through the content with labels like "Information for the Newly Diagnosed," "Questions to Ask Your Doctor," "Support Groups," etc. On every page, visitors are greeted with a chat option to speak with a representative. Although the site's search results can't be sorted, overall the website offers a very user-friendly experience.

Visual Design

The site provides a clean and engaging visual design. Human-centered images engage readers and invite them to learn more about the featured topics. Color use is restrained so that important links and calls-to-action are emphasized in bold red text. There are also plenty of bulleted lists and small groups of text to aid the reading experience.


Most of the site's content is unreferenced. However, there is a good deal of thorough and helpful content for general readers interested in liver health. Visitors are likely enjoy the site's range of educational videos, webinars, and outside resources.


No authors are credited for individual articles, but there is a qualified board of directors as well as a medical advisory committee. Unfortunately none of the website's articles is dated, and it can be difficult to know if the materials are outdated. A few of the downloadable handouts do feature author names and/or dates, though. The American Liver Foundation does carry some authority in the field due to its long history as a professional society.


  1. Well-organized and useful information on all aspects of liver disease
  2. Resources for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals
  3. Writing is easy to understand


  1. Articles do not feature dates of publication or revision
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Sponsors / Affiliations: Th American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, a nonprofit professional society of liver specialists founded in 1950

Accreditations: Charity Watch top-rated charity

Additional Features: Support groups, financial assistance options, videos, webinars, downloadable brochures and fact sheets, patient stories, doctor finder tool, clinical trial locator, FAQs, "Ask an Expert" tool

Languages: English