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American Lung Association – Lung Health and Diseases

The American Lung Association site has detailed information about common lung disorders like asthma, COPD, cancer, and pulmonary fibrosis. There is also information available regarding lung function, disease preventions, warning signs, lung tests, and more. This is a good source of general lung disease information sponsored by a widely respected organization.

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Review Date: 10/17/2018


Ease of Use

The site's navigation menu is prominent, allowing users to browse lung health and disease topics alphabetically or by keyword. Using the search bar returns a lengthy list of results that can't be sorted. Otherwise the website is very user-friendly. Information is organized so that no page has too much information, breaking topics down into broad summaries with invites to "Learn More" if desired.

Visual Design

A contemporary, professional visual design featuring bright colors, sharp images, and accessibly dropdown menus that highlight selected topics. Across the website, fonts are appealing and bold, making information stand out and easy to read.


The information here is limited in detail, giving users only basic introductory information. Additionally, content here does not include references for its claims. However, it covers all the important basics of lung disease while also providing multimedia content, questions to ask your doctor, access to current research, and more.


Health information on the American Lung Association is approved by a review panel of scientific/medical experts, though they are not identified. Overall the site's content is up-to-date, with recent dates of review published on every page for readers. Visitors can be certain the information here provides an authoritative look at lung disease.


  1. Clear explanations of lung disease causes, diagnosis, and treatment
  2. Topics include how lungs function, ways to maintain lung health, tips to quit smoking, and more
  3. Breaks down complex medical topics into understandable language


  1. Content is mostly text-based and lacking multimedia materials
  2. Lacks references and author names to assess expertise


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Lung Association, a nonprofit health organization founded in 1904

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, online support groups, videos, blog, phone helpline

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: info@lung.org