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The American Parkinson Disease Association covers the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Parkinson's Disease. Users will have no trouble navigating this recommended collection of educational articles, webinars, and other tools helpful for consumers and providers alike. Especially impressive is the site's resources section, with dozens of brochures, booklets, webinar recordings, and other educational publications available for download.

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Review Date: 7/5/2018


Ease of Use

The website's navigation bar is clear and comprehensive. While the "What is Parkinson's Disease" tab walks the user through the information smoothly, the "Education & Support" tab features an overwhelming number of subtopics. Scrolling down the homepage highlights the site's important sections to help users choose a starting point. Additionally, the site's text content is broken down into brief sections so that users can scan easily.

Visual Design

Visually appealing website with clear text and crisp images. The design features a lot of variation, including infographics, bold colors, pleasant icons, and scannable lists. Some pages appear crowded with information, but for the most part the site's content is easy to read and appreciate.


A wide range of information and resources helpful for those living with or caring for someone with Parkinson disease. The American Parkinson Disease Association is a respected authority in the field, and the content here is based on the latest research and developments. Unfortunately users will have to dig to find those pages that actually cite their sources.


Sometimes authors are credited for their writing, especially the site's downloadable guides. The advisory board is made up of credentialed health specialists. However, few experts are identified as being responsible for the site's content. Additionally, many articles are more than two years old, and others aren't dated at all.


  1. Navigation tabs guide users through the content in logical progression
  2. Large topics are broken down into brief, easy-to-understand sections
  3. Wide range of resources appropriate for those living with or caring for someone with Parkinson's disease


  1. Few multimedia resources to enliven text-based content
  2. Doctor-finder tool is limited
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Sponsors / Affiliations: American Parkinson Disease Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots organization founded in 1961

Accreditations: GuideStar silver seal of transparency (2017)

Additional Features: Video library, downloadable brochures, webinars, newsletter, "Ask a Doctor" opportunities, online community support forum, physician-finder tool, online training

Languages: English, Spanish