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The American Pregnancy Association offers a wide range of information related to pregnancy. The site covers topics from trying to conceive, to pregnancy issues, up to birth and beyond. This website is recommended for women and families who seek relatable information about conception, pregnancy, and birth.

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Review Date: 7/13/2018


Ease of Use

This website is best used for browsing rather than searching for specific information. The navigation tabs are descriptive, with titles like "Trying To Conceive," "Your Pregnancy," and "Birth & Beyond," but each subtopic gives users an overwhelming amount of choices without any way to sort them. Even though the site's pages are text-heavy, there's ample use of paragraph headings, use of white space, and bulleted lists to aid in reading.

Visual Design

The site's design is professional and colorful without distracting visitors from achieving their goals. The homepage promotes the website's important tools — ovulation and pregnancy trackers, a healthcare provider locator tool — and seems to make the general health information secondary. Calls to action are made prominent to guide users through the content. However, advertisements at the top of every page are easily mistaken as website tools.


Some but not all of the pages on the American Pregnancy Association list the sources of information used to write the content. But a heavy reliance on textbook references can make accessing information difficult. Overall the content demonstrates a good depth and breadth for people looking for pregnancy-related information.


Most of the pages here include a date of last update, even though many are more than two years old. And authors/editors are not cited in articles either, despite a relatively consistent use of sources. It's difficult to find much information about the American Pregnancy Association itself, and this lack of transparency compared to other websites is a little troubling.


  1. A wide range of information related to conception, pregnancy, and birth
  2. Sections can be broken down into manageable topics for easy browsing
  3. Helpful ovulation calendar and pregnancy calculator


  1. Subtopics feature no obvious organization and some contain very limited information
  2. Advertisements on nearly every page and other evidence of commercial interests
  3. Some information on unproven "natural medicine" treatments
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Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Pregnancy Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1995

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Ovulation calendar, pregnancy calculator, online patient forum, tool to find healthcare professionals

Languages: English, Spanish