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The American Sleep Association provides a detailed discussion of sleep, focusing specifically on common sleep disorders. Health content here covers sleep stages and hygiene, common disorders, medical treatments, products, and more.

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Review Date: 8/28/2018


Ease of Use

Category tabs organize content from general information to more specific disorders, treatments, and products. But sometimes the overlap is confusing, with occasionally random ordering of subtopics that make it difficult to locate the desired information. Additionally, the site's search bar does not filter results. However, content is presented in small chunks with attractive font and broken up with plenty of images and videos, making it easy to read and scan.

Visual Design

The site's content is visually engaging and includes a good deal of multimedia. The visual layout is somewhat disjointed, sprawling at times. Lots of competing buttons, links, headers, advertisements, and features. While the design is clearly professional, more work could be done to better integrate the site's different areas.


One of the more detailed websites specifically focused on sleep health. The site's articles are referenced most of the time, with authoritative reference citations available for readers. And virtually all aspects of sleep health are covered here.


Authors are sometimes identified, but not often or consistently. However, the site's listed board members and content contributors are highly qualified to write in this field. The only dates provided are on blog posts, which makes it difficult to assess currency. And readers will notice the site's heavy promotion of sleep products, which may signal commercial interests given the site's sponsorships by sleep product manufacturers.


  1. Specializes on an often-overlooked aspect of health and wellbeing
  2. Plenty of detail along with links to additional outside resources
  3. Consumer ratings of various sleep products


  1. Information is organized in sometimes random fashion
  2. Some descriptions are complex for general audiences
  3. Articles do not contain dates to assess currency
  4. Heavy commercial promotion of sleep products


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Sleep Association, a charitable for-profit organization founded in 2002 by a group of sleep professionals

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: News, blog, "Ask an Expert" tool, sleep product reviews, online store

Languages: English