American Stroke Association

The American Stroke Association, in partnership with the American Heart Association, educates the public about the dangers of stroke and cardiovascular disease. The health information here is presented in easy-to-understand language that consumers can understand. This site recommended website is a great introductory resource for users looking to gain a general knowledge of stroke and its related issues.

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Review Date: 12/2/2019


Ease of Use

Each topic category expands into more specific subtopics that guide users through the basics of stroke diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and risk factors. The website utilizes many large infographic images when presenting data and information. The search engine even features an auto-fill that predicts related searches. Although the text is presented in small sections, the font is small and cramped.

Visual Design

Large images with dramatic colors on the homepage focus on identifying the signs of a stroke. These linked images invite the user to navigate the site this way rather than via the category tabs at the top of the page. Category tabs are surprisingly small, and the gray font is drab. Otherwise, a professionally designed website.


This website serves as a good introduction to stroke health topics, healthy-living techniques, information on specific stroke types, and related other issues. As an introductory resource, some of the content lacks depth, but it is appropriate for readers interested in learning about stroke. Unfortunately references are not provided, even though the American Stroke Association, a reliable source of information, has claimed to have reviewed and approved the content.


No individual authors are cited on the website and credentials are difficult to evaluate without listed authors. It is claimed that the content is written by staff and is based on interviews with volunteer physicians or health care experts and compiled data. Articles are reviewed by at least one science and medicine adviser. Articles show “Last Reviewed” and “Last Updated” dates within the last 2 years.


  1. Clearly organized, featuring a pleasant visual design and a wide range of general information that provides context in user-friendly language
  2. Helpfully includes images when presenting data and information
  3. Gives enough context to help lay audiences understand the various causes and treatment for stroke
  4. Impressive listing of patient resources and how to access them


  1. Sometimes difficult to distinguish links from the surrounding text, especially on busier pages
  2. Information is often spread out uneccesarily over a series of different pages
  3. Content may be shallow at times


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Heart Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1924

Accreditations: HON seal (May 2019), BBB-accredited charity, Charity Navigator 4-star charity, National Health Council Standards of Excellence Certification Program

Additional Features: Magazine, downloadable publications, news, patient stories, mobile app, CPR education training, stroke encyclopedia, quizzes, recipes, online support group

Languages: English, Spanish