Recommended provides general audiences with materials on different forms of anxiety as well as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, common phobias, and more. Each condition is detailed well and includes information on symptoms, causes, and treatments. logo

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Review Date: 9/7/2018


Ease of Use

The site's content is organized on two different menus — one detailing general anxiety topics, and another exploring a few different specific mental health conditions. Condition-specific sections include a helpful sidebar that acts as a table of contents. The site's text is large and organized beneath easy-to-read section headings. The search bar is powerful, pulling resources from across the site; however, there's no way to filter them, and some results are too inclusive, mixing in irrelevant results.

Visual Design

Crisp, consistent design with easy-to-read text and no intrusive advertising. Each article includes a stock-quality image, as well as an image of the author. Otherwise there isn't much multimedia to be found, though the website provides a professional layout for readers.


Most articles provide an extensive list of references, among them such reputable authorities as the American Psychiatric Association, the British Medical Journal, PLoS ONE, Journal of Anxiety Disorders, etc. The content covers general overviews of mental health conditions as well as more specific explorations into the way it intersects with daily living. Occasionally the site's content is not evidence-based, including the popular article "Balanced Chakras Reduce Anxiety."


The website lists each of its authors, each of whom is profiled with a photo, educational and contact information, and writing credits. All articles include a date of publication and revision when applicable, which are current within the past three years.


  1. Descriptions of mental health conditions are easy to understand and informative
  2. Extensive list of resources related to each disorder for additional reading
  3. Articles can be arranged by date, popularity, or by title


  1. Search bar makes it hard to find relevant results
  2. Estimated number of articles related to each topic doesn't correlate to actual number
  3. Some information may be outdated
  4. Some of the site's information is not considered evidence-based


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