Recommended is the world's largest online health resource specifically targeted to African Americans. It contains audience-friendly articles on a wide range of health topics published in the media. It is recommended as an introductory resource for general health information presented in the news.

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Review Date: 1/28/2020


Ease of Use

The website employs a straightforward navigation bar that categorizes content into distinct areas. Users will have no trouble browsing the various topics/subtopics available here, as the articles are grouped into categories that make sense. Using the search bar lists articles by publication date instead of relevance, which makes locating specific information difficult.

Visual Design

Pages on are cluttered with distracting links to articles, quizzes, advertisements, and tabs for unrelated areas of the website. The site uses a light green font that is faint and hard to read against the white background. There are plenty of images to look at, but overall the layout is a jumble of choices that quickly becomes overbearing.


The range of content is limited to some of the most common health conditions, and articles are usually superficial. The lack of references, reliance on popular media, and unreferenced single-author articles increase the risk of unbalanced coverage and bias. The website instead seems more geared to general interest browsing instead of providing strictly science-based medical information.


Articles show author name and posting date, but there is infrequent description of author's' credentials, and sometimes the writing is simply credited to "BlackDoctor staff". New articles are published multiple times a day, but there does not appear to be a revision policy on the site. The information sources for each article are rarely provided, making it difficult to assess the site's credibility.


  1. Straightforward navigation with clear categories and subcategories
  2. Clear writing focused on a general audience
  3. Plenty of multimedia content including professional graphics, engaging videos, user-friendly quizzes, etc.
  4. New material published multiple times every day, and all articles include dates of publication for reference


  1. Pages are cluttered with distracting links to similar, sometimes irrelevant topic
  2. Articles include author names but not credentials or expertise in most cases
  3. Some articles are broken up over several pages requiring repeated clicking
  4. Articles are not reviewed or updated and much of the information may be out of date
  5. Pages contain advertisements with links to specific products, some not related to the content


Sponsors / Affiliations: BlackDoctor, Inc., a for-profit online media company

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Find a doctor tool, blog, recipes, videos

Languages: English