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Brain & Life, supported by the American Academy of Neurology, provides information on more than 250 brain disorders including Alzheimer's, dementia, cerebral palsy, and more. The website offers brief but authoritative information as well as links to disease-specific organizations and resources.

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Review Date: 11/2/2018


Ease of Use

Clear organization allows for easy browsing of categories and specific brain conditions. The site's search bar returns results that can be sorted by date and filtered by journal or category. Each page features a consistent layout with bold section headers to guide users. And better yet, articles have buttons that make it simple to print, share, or download a .pdf of the content.

Visual Design

This is a professionally designed website with an inviting, engaging homepage. However, as readers move further into the content, images and multimedia are virtually nonexistent. Additionally, the use of thin gray text can make reading difficult on the eyes.


Because the site's content is reviewed by professional neurologists, the website can be considered a reliable source of evidence-based health information. Unfortunately, no references are provided for readers. Another quality issue to consider is the lack of detail for each brain condition covered here. While the pages provide general overview information, readers will need to consult other resources to learn further.


Brain & Life employs highly qualified editors, but lacks author names and dates of publication/revision. Because these are missing, the site's credibility takes a slight hit. But its backing by the American Academy of Neurology makes it a worthwhile resource to consider visiting.


  1. Easy to understand information about sometimes complex neurological problems
  2. Multiple links to disease-specific organizations and resources included within the disease topic
  3. Authoritative content approved by neurologists with experience with each disease


  1. Content is not comprehensive
  2. Most of the information lacks detail


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Academy of Neurology, a nonprofit professional society founded in 1948

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Find a neurologist tool, online magazine, clinical trials

Languages: English