The Canadian Lung Association

The Canadian Lung Association "Lung Health" section has detailed information about 26 lung diseases and breathing disorders. There is also general information about breathing and lung anatomy & function, tips on preventing lung disease, information & tips on air quality, and information on the dangers of smoking. The site is recommend for its helpful and detailed information on some lung-related topics.

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Review Date: 12/23/2019


Ease of Use

There is a limited amount of information, so the site is easy to navigate. However, that limits the number of times you would go back to this site.

Visual Design

The pages are sparse and bichromatic. The font is very small despite the overall emptiness of each page.


Each topic presented provides detailed & useful information, but topics are so few that users may need other sites to find what they are seeking. Lack of referencing and inclusion of a number of marginally related topics further limit the usefulness of this site. Overall, this may be a good introductory site for lung anatomy & function and a few lung diseases, but it would be more efficient to proceed to a more detailed site.


There is little information included the topics to assess validity, such as authors, editors, or a medical advisory board. Although the topics are updated, most were more than 2 years ago and there is no evidence of periodic review to keep topics consistent with current practices. The content appears reliable, but there is little documentation on the website to confirm this.


  1. Detailed information about 26 lung diseases and breathing disorders
  2. Helpful information about breathing, lung anatomy and function, preventing lung disease, air quality, and smoking
  3. Tool to search for assistance programs and smoking support groups


  1. The breadth of topics is limited
  2. Some of the content may be outdated since many topics have not been reviewed in more than 3 years
  3. Many corporate sponsors


Sponsors / Affiliations: Canadian Lung Association, a not-for-profit professional association, Canadian Thoracic Society, Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Ask an expert, toll-free help line, tool to search for assistance programs & smoking support groups, recommendations on how to quit smoking, patient stories, research updates

Languages: English, French