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Cancer.net contains organized information for all types of cancer. Materials and resources are provided on navigating cancer care, coping with a cancer diagnosis, surviving cancer and cancer treatment, and managing potential financial issues that may arise. Cancer.net is highly recommended as a one-stop source for medically-relevant cancer resources.

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Review Date: 12/20/2019


Ease of Use

Visitors can navigate the site using subject categories or the site-wide search bar, both of which are easy to use. The first paragraph of each page even features a short summary that tells users what kind of information they will encounter. The search bar doesn't allow for filtering, but otherwise this website's user-experience is pleasant.

Visual Design

The site features a simple but effective visual design. Plenty of engaging graphics and multimedia tools help the reader better understand the site's content. And despite the depth of materials, the visual layout prevents there from being too much information on any single page.


Cancer.net impressively covers all relevant aspects of cancer that someone would need to participate in their own care. Better yet, the information is balanced and evidence-based. Visitors can rely on this website as a standalone cancer resource.


All content is approved by an editorial board that consists of over 150 medical professionals, social workers, and patient advocates. Each page lists a date of approval that is generally updated annually.


  1. In-depth sections on common cancers such as lung, prostate, and colorectal
  2. Comprehensive A-Z list of less common cancers
  3. Each cancer article contains a guide with in-depth subtopics: introduction, statistics, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, research, prevention, advice about coping with illness, and links to more information
  4. Scholarly yet user-friendly writing


  1. Individual authors are not specified, only a collective listing of the clinical editors.


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Society of Clinical Oncology, which is supported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity

Accreditations: eHealthcare Leadership Platinum Award (2019) for Healthcare Content, WebAward Outstanding Achievement in Web Development (2019), 24th Annual Communicator Awards - Distinction in the Websites - Health category, Digital Health Award (Fall 2017)

Additional Features: Clinical trials, research summaries, doctor-finder tool, downloadable survivorship book, blog

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: contactus@cancer.net