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CancerCare puts cancer patients in touch with free professional support services such as counseling, support groups, education workshops, informative publications, and financial assistance. It is produced by a team of professional oncology social workers. CancerCare is a highly recommended web resource for patients living with cancer and their families.

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Review Date: 5/14/2018


Ease of Use

Health content is easy to locate and browse. Subtopics are well-organized by specific cancer type, CancerCaer services, and expert answers. A variety of information is presented, including text, podcasts, downloadable publications, and videos.

Visual Design

Professionally designed website with bright images, clear icons, and an excellent use of white space.


The CancerCare organization is reputable and provides a wide range of important services for people with cancer. All contributors are identified and qualified to provide high-quality and accurate information. This website is an excellent first-stop resource for anyone who needs accurate information on the various forms of cancer.


Content is written and/or edited by trained medical professionals to ensure credibility. All services appear to be recent. Dates of review and/or revision appear on some content, but individual pages are not reviewed.


  1. Offers information about and resources for specific types of cancer
  2. Materials are easy to read and present complex topics in clear, informative terms
  3. Maintains a consistent focus on practical life issues associated with cancer
  4. Content is written and/or edited by trained medical professionals
  5. There are sections for consumers, medical professionals, and families


  1. Some of the more interactive services may not be effective if accessed by phone


Sponsors / Affiliations: CancerCare, a national nonprofit service organization founded in 1944

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, phone counseling, support groups, educational workshops, financial assistance programs, "Ask an Expert" Q&A, video library, news

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: info@cancercare.org