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The CDC's "Healthy Living" section contains a wealth of information about staying healthy, covering vaccinations, disease prevention, nutrition, and general safety measures. There is also information sorted by life stages such as infants, children, adolescents, and seniors. The site is highly recommended as a helpful source of information to help people optimize their health and wellbeing.

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Review Date: 6/28/2018


Ease of Use

This section presents its major topics in an alphabetical list for quick and easy access. Content can also be browsed by age or audience. Each page provides a brief summary of the topic. Subtopic pages have multiple ways to navigate, including sidebars as well as links at the bottom of the page that appear to be limitless. It's easy to get lost in all this choice. Fortunately the site provides breadcrumbs so users can return to the homepage.

Visual Design

The website is visually plain, with few images and videos to punctuate the text. However, it is crisp and organized well. Page title banners change color as users move around the site, which provides some needed variation. The site's text stands out well against the white background, although it is rather small and hard on the eyes.


There's a good deal of general health information available here for most audiences. Although the topics appear random, this section of the CDC gives a good overview of common health topics. And all the topics explored are referenced well and provide other credible sources for users to explore.


Unfortunately the website does not credit its content authors. The editorial staff is not identified either. However, CDC information is among the most trusted health information online today. Each page contains a date of review, and even though some are older than two years old, they are few and far between.


  1. Health tips are organized by topic, age, and audience
  2. Backed by the authority of the National Institutes of Health
  3. Links to wide variety of CDC services and information


  1. Amount of different resources can be overwhelming
  2. Locating specific information is difficult
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