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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Healthy Aging

This section of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommended for consumers seeking information on age-related issues. It covers topics such as depression, arthritis, nutrition, and sexual health. There are also a variety of tools and resources related to eldercare. Overall, these resources are reliable, varied, accurate, and easy to read.

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Review Date: 4/5/2018


Ease of Use

Users can easily navigate this section by clicking through a series of links organized topically under a handful of categories. Some of the links lead to other sections of the CDC website, and the search bar cannot be restricted to the Healthy Aging section alone. Otherwise, this is an intuitive browsing experience.

Visual Design

The inclusion of multimedia resources is helpful in understanding more complex concepts. But overall this section of the CDC, like the others, has a sparse and slightly outdated visual design. The font is small as well, which may provide a difficult reading experience for older adults.


Health content here is high-quality, extensive, well balanced, and thoroughly referenced. The site's collection of additional resources is also extensive and very useful. Not every topic related to healthy aging is included, but users will benefit from giving this site a visit for a broad overview of many important aging issues.


The source of the content on each page is given, but individual authors, editors, and/or reviewers are not listed. However, the fact that the CDC is the source of most of the information on other websites makes it extremely credible. The date of last review and last update appear on each page of the site, all of which can be considered current.


  1. Written content is clinical but easy to read
  2. The inclusion of multimedia resources is helpful in understanding more complex concepts
  3. Resources are credible, useful and reliably sourced, using only the most current human health research available
  4. Information on the home page is specific to the elderly, but links to specific diseases cover the entire age-range of the disease


  1. The data and statistics section may be of more use to researchers than consumers
  2. A lot of the references are expert opinion rather than evidence-based


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