Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

The Children's Liver Disease Foundation provides important medical information for children and young adults with various liver diseases and their families. The site also offers support services in the UK related to childhood liver disease. Users can access helpful tutorials, animations, downloadable publications, journal articles, and even a mobile app. This website is a recommended source of reliable, timely information that provides a good overall understanding about 13 pediatric liver diseases.

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Review Date: 9/19/2019


Ease of Use

Materials here are brief, easy to read, and interesting for audiences with more questions than answers. This straightforward website also excels at providing sources of information that are not strictly text-based.

Visual Design

The color choices complement one another, and information is spaced out across the page with ample use of headings and bullet points. Not necessarily a beautiful website, but certainly a functional one.


The website provides accurate and relevant that gives a good overall understanding of many liver diseases in children and young adults. Although not referenced, the experience and input of many pediatric liver specialists assure that all users will find basic information that is unbiased and scientifically sound. Though there are many useful resources, most are geared toward UK residents.


Educational pamphlets also rely on the experience and input of the many pediatric liver specialists invloved. The onsite information is not dated, but the leaflets are reviewed at least every 3 years. Each document lacks author/editor names, but the content is highly credible nonetheless.


  1. Easy to navigate, with a limited amount of relevant subtopics to explore
  2. Clear information geared toward general readers
  3. Animations, glossaries, and other multimedia create a rounded learning experience
  4. Blog looks deeper at issues related to childhood liver disease that are both topical and constantly rotating
  5. Excellent coverage of pediatric jaundice, including "yellow alert" symptoms and advocacy calls to action


  1. Search bar allows user to filter results by title, date, or relevance, but it's unclear how the site determines "relevance"
  2. Some areas, like the “About” page, require 3+ clicks to access and can be tedious
  3. No author names or references listed


Sponsors / Affiliations: Childhood Liver Disease Foundation, a UK-based charity founded in 1980

Accreditations: Fundraising Regulator-registered, certified by the NHS England Information Standard

Additional Features: Dowloadable leaflets/brochures about each liver disease, mobile app, videos, liver animations, news coverage, patient stories, blogs

Languages: English