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Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is a unique health resource that performs an important role in preventing unnecessary medical treatment and testing. This website makes recommendations about which tests and treatments can be avoided to save money, and is highly recommended for patients who want to learn about and discuss these options with their healthcare provider.

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Review Date: 8/10/2018


Ease of Use

Five tabs on the site's navigation bar organizes content nicely. Lots of downloadable .pdf publications allow users to take information on the go. The site's search bar isn't very helpful, requiring substantial browsing without the use of the filters. Otherwise, the website is easy to use.

Visual Design

Clean, modern visual design does away with advertisements and prioritizes useful content for readers. Pastel color scheme is playful and comforting, and images — when present — are professional. Content pages are text-heavy and missing images, but each page features a downloadable publication that is designed much more pleasantly.


The recommendations made on Choose Wisely are the result of collaborative efforts between many respected groups like Consumer Reports, American Urological Association, North American Spine Society, and dozens more. Information here is based on extensive references, but patient topics are not referenced.


Individual authors and editors are not identified, but expert panels from reputable organizations are responsible for the site's recommendations. New content is added whenever available, and downloadable publications all feature a date that is recent within the last two years. The topics covered are identified by the individual organizations as important issues within their speciality.


  1. Niche topic is helpful for any consumer preparing for a medical test or treatment
  2. Clean user experience and visual design keep the reader engaged
  3. Web-based information can also be accessed as downloadable .pdfs


  1. Can be difficult to browse in some areas
  2. Search results are not well organized and can't be filtered or sorted
  3. Limited topics available in the patient section
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Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, a physician-evaluation organization founded in 1936

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Mobile app, downloadable information sheets and infographics, videos, online learning modules

Languages: English

Contact: info@abimfoundation.org