Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is a hospital website that has information about common diseases and medical conditions, tests, treatments, and procedures. The site is recommended for timely and accurate health information, although it may be most useful for patients seeking care from Cleveland Clinic and its affiliates.

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Review Date: 5/23/2018


Ease of Use

The website features broad category tabs at the top of the page, one of which is an A-Z menu where hundreds of subtopics are listed alphabetically. Each topic features an overview and sections covering diagnosis and treatment. Manageable text sections with plenty of white space are easy to read, but the font would benefit from being darker.

Visual Design

Large patient-centered image welcomes visitors to the homepage. Once there, a doctor finder, health information, and appointment-setting tools are front and center-and accessible with one click. Consumer must scroll down considerably to view other pages, and health-oriented information is often presented on pages without images or color of any sort.


Cleveland Clinic is a comprehensive and wide-ranging resource for virtually any health issue or topic. It's a great first-stop resource to get some basic information that is accurate and up-to-date. While the site's coverage is more general than other websites, users can get a basic summary on most health subjects.


No specific authors/editors are credited for information in Cleveland Clinic's Health Library. However, the website's content is written, reviewed, and approved by Cleveland Clinic physicians and other expert health professionals. Review dates are given for most topics in Health Library, but many were reviewed more than 2 years ago.


  1. Average to excellent information on specific diseases and conditions, treatments and procedures, drugs, devices, and tests
  2. Broad topics break down into manageable subsections to improve browsing ease
  3. Adequate level of detail and readability for users


  1. Other websites have more detailed information for drugs and testing topics
  2. Some topics were reviewed more than 2 years ago
  3. Website is predominately geared toward information about and access to Cleveland Clinic


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a nonprofit corporation founded in 1921

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: E-magazine, videos, webinars, mobile apps, blogs, patient stories, assorted health tools, live chat with health professionals

Languages: English