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Cochrane helps patients and medical professionals access abstracts of scientific, peer-reviewed research articles on virtually any health topic being studied. The reviews are written by independent experts in the field who analyze research rigorously. This website is recommended as a great source of summary findings from the latest research in health and medicine. General readers should consider using the "Plain Language Summary" section.

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Review Date: 12/27/2019


Ease of Use

Navigating the website is straightforward. The category tab labeled "Our evidence" lets users enter specific search terms or browse the 20 most popular articles. The search bar is comprehensive and gives users the option to sort articles alphabetically, by date, or "best match." Articles may be broken down into helpful subheadings that explore findings, quality of evidence, and key message. However, their use is inconsistent across the website.

Visual Design

Homepage is setup to promote searching, placing the search bar front and center. But the site's visual design can be dull at times. Apart from the homepage, there are few images or multimedia resources. The literature reviews are often long pages that are entirely text-based.


The content is relevant to anyone seeking to locate articles about important healthcare issues under scientific review. The articles are extensively researched and referenced resulting in accurate and trustworthy content.


Each article includes a date of publication, author names, primary review group, links to the original review, and more to ensure credibility. New reviews are constantly published on the website. Older reviews are periodically assessed or updated if new relevant trials are published. Cochrane is a highly authoritative source of updates in medical science.


  1. Comprehensive search bar gives users the option to sort content alphabetically, by date, or "best match"
  2. Articles can also be browsed by topic or research group
  3. Puts users in touch with the summaries of the latest health research updates
  4. Each article includes a date of publication, author names, primary review group, links to the original review, etc.
  5. Expert authors summarize study findings while also commenting on research methodology and tips for improvement


  1. Technical writing style may be difficult for general readers
  2. Content limited to topics that have been chosen to be reviewed and have been studied with randomized trials
  3. Free access is limited to abstracts, reviews, podcasts, and news


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Cochrane Collaboration, an international nonprofit organization composed of over 53 review groups and roughly 30,000 expert volunteers worldwide

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Podcasts, editorials, and abstracts of Cochrane colloquia, Q&A

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Thai, Chinese

Contact: dtovey@cochrane.org