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Colgate Oral Care Center is recommended as a comprehensive oral health resource for general audiences. It covers issues of preventative oral care, dental care, gum care, and oral health. While there is an obvious commercial aspect to this site, it serves as a great oral healthcare resource for consumers.

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Review Date: 4/16/2018


Ease of Use

The site organizes information via intuitive category tabs. Searching specific key terms through the site's search bar reveals a vast collection of materials. But these long lists of results can't be sorted for relevance, so many pages are unwieldy for the casual user.

Visual Design

Bold images, flashy colors, and a professional design keep visitors engaged from the start. But users will need to quickly adjust themselves to the large amount of Colgate product advertisementson every page.


The oral care information here is relevant, comprensive, and appears unbiased (despite the commercial aspect). Although references are not provided, the information appears to be accurate and reflects the latest recommendations for oral health.


Author names are provided inconsistently across the website. These writers are sometimes but not always health professionals. Additionally, many articles aren't dated, and those that are do not differentiate between publication date and last reviewed/updated. Aside from these issues, and the fact that the website is so driven by commercial interests, Colgate provides a credible website for consumer use.


  1. Well-written, easy to understand materials related to oral/dental care
  2. Excellent visual design
  3. Provides important information on easily overlooked dental/oral health issues like routine exams, bad breath, cracked teeth, mouths sores, etc.
  4. Content covers age groups from infant to elderly with up-to-date articles and American Dental Academy guidelines


  1. Heavy commercial presence, as every article includes "Featured Products" that promote related Colgate products for sale
  2. Some disease-specific articles can only be accessed from an outside source


Sponsors / Affiliations: Colgate-Palmolive Company, a worldwide consumer healthcare products company

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Find a dentist tool, dental glossary, videos, educational materials for children, coupons, online store

Languages: English

Contact: 800-468-6502

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