Recommended covers a wide range of safety issues associated with over-the-counter and prescription medication and products. The website makes recommendations on how to avoid overdose, the proper use and storage of medicine, how to read medication labels, and more. logo

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Review Date: 9/6/2018


Ease of Use

The site's category tabs seem straightforward, but the subtopics are a little tricky to distinguish from one another. The site's "Medication Safety Articles" are ordered by date but cannot be filtered otherwise. However, the site's search bar is gives options to filter by date, title, and popularity. The pages are text-heavy, dense, and difficult to follow. But the site's homepage clearly explains how the website has been made accessible to anyone who needs keyboard and/or mouse replacement options.

Visual Design

The homepage is chaotic, featuring numerous multicolored icons, buttons, and images. Other pages are more simple, but not necessarily appealing. The layout of informational articles is consistent, and although the different options can be turbulent at times, overall the website's design accomplishes its educational goals.


The site's unique focus on medication safety makes this an important website for consumers. Some of the information is well-referenced from authoritative entities like the National Institutes of Health, for Food and Drug Administration, and the National Patient Safety Foundation. Bust despite the general nature of the site's advice, many pages lack references despite the fact that they would be helpful.


The site carries a good deal of authority through associations with the American Hospital Association, the Food and Drug Administration, the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations, and the National Coordinating Council on Medication Error Reporting and Prevention. What the site appears to lack is a sense of currency. While new content is being produced, many articles have not been updated within the last two years.


  1. Features no advertising and offers complete transparency about goals and intentions
  2. Medical topics are explained clearly in plain language without relying on jargon
  3. Site-wide search bar is easy to use and allows the users to filter the materials most relevant to them


  1. Long, text-heavy pages can be dense for general readers
  2. Homepage information is not organized well and can be difficult to browse
  3. Numerous broken links and inconsistent page formatting homepage screenshot


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