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Crohn's & Colitis is recommended as a resource for newly-diagnosed IBD patients and caregivers. The site provides basic information that gives users to-the-point explanations of the most common topics related to various forms of inflammatory bowel disease. While the site is sponsored by a major pharmaceutical company and the source of the content it obscure, the information appears to be reliable and unbiased enough to recommend this site as a starting place for users.

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Review Date: 10/10/2019


Ease of Use

Straightforward navigation can be picked up even by less experienced web users. The menu bar introduces the basics before guiding visitors through more specific topics. And the site's search bar helpfully weights results by keyword appearance.

Visual Design

Pages are clearly laid out and readable. Lots of clear headers and graphics that enhance readability and emphasize important points. Nice use of color and dynamic multimedia as well.


This is a straightforward website for patients diagnosed with IBD and their caregivers. Visitors will not only learn the ins and outs of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, but also issues that relate to living with IBD on a day-to-day basis. While the information has a good breadth of coverage, the depth is lacking. The site provides only a basic understanding and lacks details about specific medications used for treatment.


Users should understand that this website is heavily sponsored by multiple pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, AbbVie has a large stake in the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America while also marketing Humira, a popular IBD drug. Combined with a lack of author names and dates on the site's content, visitors may want to compare the information found here with other websites featuring less potential bias.


  1. Covers nearly every aspect of IBD including symptoms, causes, testing, treatment, tips for daily living, support tools, and more
  2. Intuitive navigation options and distinct topics related to inflammatory bowel disease
  3. Pages feature bold headers and visual aids like charts and infographics to enhance readability
  4. Pop-up definitions explain clinical terms for lay readers


  1. Very little data on current news or research related to IBD
  2. Lack of author names or any indication of the source and reliability of the content
  3. Dates of publication/revision are not present and the Copyright date of 2016 indicate that some of the information is outdated
  4. Health content is sponsored by AbbVie, a major pharmaceutical company that markets a drug specifically for IBS called Humira
  5. Nearly every page solicits visitors to sign-up for and receive a publication that prominently features the AbbVie logo
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Sponsors / Affiliations: AbbVie, a major for-profit pharmaceutical company

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Doctor discussion guide, find a Gastroenterologist, expert advice, restroom request card, videos

Languages: English