CVS Health Information Center

CVS Health Information Center has an extensive range of information about general health and wellness, drugs, tests, procedures, and surgeries. There are also more than 150 in-depth articles about common medical problems. The site is recommended to anyone who wants understandable, accurate, and updated information about virtually any health topic.

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Review Date: 6/25/2018


Ease of Use

Vast collection of health information that could be better organized. The homepage gives users many options without a logical order. However, by scrolling down the center of the page, each topic provides a helpful description. Text passages are short, but small closely spaced type is not the easiest to read.

Visual Design

Basic web design without much color or visual appeal. Most pages provide only links and text without images. Additionally, the site's health information is presented in bland lists without colors or images to interest or guide the user.


There is a large amount of health content available for a wide range of common health conditions. The information is well-referenced, evidence-based, and understandable for general readers.


Authors and editors are identified for each page of content. Credentials are given for all editors, although not all are specialists. Content is consistently dated and reviewed every 1-2 years, updated when necessary. Overall, a highly credible resource referenced by other credible resources.


  1. Comprehensive collection of health topics covering most common health topics
  2. Appropriate detail for general readers
  3. Well referenced, regularly updated, and reviewed frequently


  1. "Condition Navigator" opens in new tab and is hard to use
  2. Homepage is cluttered with small links and numerous sections


Sponsors / Affiliations: CVS Health, the nation's largest pharmacy healthcare provider

Accreditations: URAC (2018)

Additional Features: Video and animation library, various health calculators and health risk assessors, medical news and research, pill-identifier

Languages: English