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CVS – Minute Clinic

CVS - Minute Clinic is recommended for people considering CVS urgent care clinics for medical treatment. The site identifies urgent care clinics located within CVS pharmacies across the nation. Condition-specific information on services covered allow users to know exactly what to expect before and during a visit. There is also a limited amount of general health information available.

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Review Date: 6/5/2018


Ease of Use

Users can easily find CVS urgent care clinics by location, sorted by distance. It's unclear what difference there is between the 'Find a clinic" and the "Plan a visit" search bar as they seem to return the same results and options. There is even an option to view only those clinics that accept the user's insurance. Extensive health information is available but can take a while to find.

Visual Design

The web pages here are simple and almost totally focused on users being able to search for the nearest urgent care clinic. When color is used, it's to get users to complete a call to action by browsing or searching. Overall a professional and friendly layout that puts users in touch with the site's key tasks quickly.


General health information for patients is shallow and unreferenced. Visitors won't learn much aside from basic overviews of common health conditions. Really the site is only relevant for those visitors who are seeking a CVS Minute Clinic near them, for which the website is highly valuable.


The website's health information is general and unreferenced but helpful for those who need a quick overview. CVS clinics, on the other hand, are staffed with family nurse practitioners and in some states, physician assistants. CVS urgent care clinics may be appropriate for those seeking medical care for non-life-threatening conditions.


  1. Tells readers exactly what conditions can be treated
  2. Appointments can be managed online
  3. Helpful pricing and insurance information


  1. General health information is shallow


Sponsors / Affiliations: CVS Health, the nation's largest pharmacy health care provider

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Appointment-setting tool

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: privacyofficer@cvshealth.com