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D.A.I.L.Y. gives patients interactive and informative, but superficial, content about living with type 2 diabetes. The question/answer format can be difficult to manipulate and makes browsing time-consuming, the site is recommended as a practical, but limited guide for diabetes management information. The site is most useful for it's fact sheets and links to Hormone Health Network.

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Review Date: 9/17/2019


Ease of Use

Users begin by identifying themselves as either a patient or health professional. Choosing "Patient" leads users through a series of yes/no questions that address "Taking Control," "Medication," "Healthy Eating," and "Physical Activity." The pages that address the user's answers are crammed with varied information such as text, video, and tables. Despite simplifying the user's navigation, the site's browsing limitations provide more problems than ease.

Visual Design

Brightly colored category tabs and large text with colorful images direct users to the most important tasks. But most of the page is presented in a drab, unappealing gray color scheme. There's also an issue with the way elements are positioned and sized on the site that detracts from an appealing design.


The site covers the most common health management issues for people with type 2 diabetes. Although individual topics are not referenced, all site content is based on the clinical and scientific expertise of six editors, all members of the highly credible Endocrine Society. Overall, the information is very shallow compared to similar websites.


Content authors/editors are licensed experts in the fields of endocrinology and nutrition, but individual topics have no author or editor credited. No dates are present on this website. Corporate sponsors are featured prominently on the homepage, but there doesn't appear to be any commercial bias to the website.


  1. Carries the authority of the Endocrine Society, a credible organization that represents more than 18,000 physicians and scientists
  2. Link to Hormone Health Network for additional information
  3. Useful information about different aspects of diabetes care
  4. Content is appropriate for general readers


  1. The information on the site is undated, sparse, and superficial.
  2. Pages are crammed with information and graphics
  3. Accessing the site's information requires users to undergo a lengthy step-by-step questionnaire
  4. Many pages open new tabs, do not fully load, or contain redundant information
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Sponsors / Affiliations: The Endocrine Society, an international organization comprised of scientists, physicians, and students of endocrinology

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: many relevant videos, downloadable fact sheets and patient guides, support group, links to various education links

Languages: English