Recommended features educational articles and publications on many common aspects of childhood that are suitable for browsing. The blog and the "Health Centers" consistently add fresh content, but topics seems based on trends. Additionally, Dr. Greene's blog and responses to parent's questions are often incidental and unhelpful. Used properly, this website could still be of use to parents so long as they are aware of the opinion- or experience-based nature of the information and the hit-or-miss nature of the content.

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Review Date: 12/3/2019


Ease of Use

Readers who are interested only in a specific topic or condition, like common conditions, nutrition, and medical treatment can easily find filtered information by visiting the appropriate "Health Center" subject. By categorizing materials based on age of development in "Ages & Stages," parents can learn about their child without having to narrow in on a particular subject area. The website is most appropriate for browsing to look for topics users may be interested in, rather than detailed information about specific childhood conditions or issues.

Visual Design

Site design is slightly dated, and the logo is unclear given the site's purpose. Every article includes a stock-quality image, but otherwise the site does not focus much on multimedia resources. Integrated and intrusive pop-up ads distract the user.


The content is predominately composed of highly readable and detailed articles, most by guest authors. They are organized into sections "Ages & Stages,""Health Centers," "Blogs," "Recipes," and "Books". Some articles are well referenced, others are not. Much of the information in the articles, blogs, and FAQs reflect the opinions of the authors, some of which are not endorsed by Dr Greene. There is occasional endorsement of non-evidence-based alternative treatments.


Dr. Greene, a licensed pediatrician, contributes articles, blogs, and much of the Q&A. A lot of content is written by specialists or other medical professionals, but their credentials do not always correspond to the topic. Dates of publication and updates appear on all articles. However, many of the topics are somewhat outdated.


  1. Patient-friendly information on common aspects of childhood health
  2. Different sections on heath and wellness (Ages & Stages) and condition information (Health Centers)
  3. Q&A posts designed to spotlight common health issues
  4. Blog-like experience for consumers without getting bogged down too much with clinical details
  5. Clearly written and to-the-point


  1. Much of the information reflect the opinions of the authors
  2. The choice of "Heath Centers"sections and articles in them seem based on trends, rather than any systematic effort to cover any breadth of topics
  3. Difficult to locate specific information


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