Eldercare Locator

Eldercare Locator is hosts a collection of 16 different types of eldercare services, including long-term care, transportation, legal assistance, and abuse prevention that can be found using a locator tool Additionally, the site offers a variety of educational materials covering many issues of aging and links to many websites providing information about senior health. The site is recommended as an excellent U.S. government resource for older adults, their caregivers, and eldercare providers.

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Review Date: 10/3/2018


Ease of Use

The website guides users to the main function of providing contact information about senior care community services. Visitors will quickly find relevant services by entering a ZIP code, city/state, or browsing by healthcare topic. This function is highlighted front and center on the site's homepage. There's a noticeable lag in page loading speed, but otherwise the search engine is helpful and the organization of content is clear and user-friendly.

Visual Design

No real visual appeal to Eldercare Locator's outdated, stiff design. Visitors should not expect engaging visual, videos, or conversational multimedia content to keep their interest. This site is purely a service locator tool with little to no emphasis on design.


The locator tool works well and puts users in touch with many important resources. The supporting information, however, is unreferenced and lacks both breadth and depth. So while the website is valuable for basic information, outside of contact information, that's about it.


The site's fact sheets and brochures, while helpful, do not credit authors or editors. There are no individuals identified as involved with the website. And the website's date of last modification is listed as "12/31/1600," so it's difficult to know how current these materials really are. But sponsorship by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides a good deal of credibility.


  1. Eldercare locator searches by location or by topic like "Adult Day Program" or "Caregiver"
  2. Most eldercare facilities listed include a website, location, and contact information
  3. Fact sheets and brochures are well designed and feature user-friendly language


  1. Some eldercare facilities provide only a name and phone number
  2. No accurate posting or review dates are provided
  3. News and information section is empty


Sponsors / Affiliations: U.S Department of Health and Human Services

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Online chat, toll-free helpline

Languages: English