eMedicineHealth is recommended as a great web resource for general consumers interested in learning more about common health conditions and emergency medicine. All material is written and reviewed by physicians, which lends the site credibility and authority. Concerns with this site are the inconsistent depth of its medical articles, advertisements intruding into the browsing experience, and visual clutter that can lengthen search time.

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Review Date: 4/12/2018


Ease of Use

Users can browse the site's content alphabetically by medical topic or drug name. Multiple toolbars running horizontally and vertically make it difficult to know where to begin searching. Even more difficult to manage is the site's search result page, which bombards users with numerous advertisements, links, filters, and toolbars.

Visual Design

The site's design is professional, but too much space is devoted to internal and external advertisements. Otherwise there's a good use of images and multimedia to keep the reader engaged. Font is easy to read, and headings and links all stand out so that visitors don't get lost in the details.


Content featured on the website covers a wide array of diseases and conditions. The website is up-to-date, well-organized, and easy to maneuver. The resources page includes a wealth of informative articles, quizzes, videos, tables, and tools. Searching the website could not be easier and returns a comprehensive list of results that are investigated in depth and supported with reliable, credible sources.


Articles include the names and credentials of the authors and editors, lending a sense of authority and transparency. Authors and editors are physicians, with some articles written by experts in the field. Occasionally artticles rely on outdated sources or too few references, including some with only a single reference. Otherwise articles show recent dates of update and review.


  1. Extensive collection of medical articles written by licensed physicians covering 32 health and medical categories
  2. Focus on specific drugs and health conditions that can be searched alphabetically
  3. Slideshows communicate information rapidly
  4. Large collection of images with clear descriptions


  1. Some of the information is superficial
  2. Website format is outdated and unappealing
  3. Pages are cluttered with clickbait, advertisements for specific treatments and products/services


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Additional Features: Slideshows, images, quizzes, symptom checker, medical dictionary, links to other patient education websites and medical professional websites, patient stories, pet health

Languages: English


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