Emergency Care For You

Emergency Care For You is recommended for information about recognizing and managing medical emergencies. Readers will find a variety of multimedia resources that offer advice about emergency services, how to prepare for emergency situations and disasters, visiting the ER, health and safety tips, and more.


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Review Date: 5/31/2018


Ease of Use

Category tabs cover topics such as where to seek help in a medical emergency, emergency preparedness, and what to expect from an ER visit. Hard to know what to click first between "Emergency 101" and "Be Prepared." Once the "Emergency 101" tab is clicked, it breaks down emergencies into types with a description of each. Subtopic sections can be sorted by date, title, and last updated.

Visual Design

Large, bright, crisp images with category tabs featuring nice contrasting colors. Text is in large dark font,and well spaced which makes it easy to read. Multimedia throughout is stimulating to the eye.


Although not referenced, the information is useful for people starting to gather information about preparing for and dealing with emergencies and disasters. The content could have a more extensive coverage of the issues, however.


No authors cited or posting dates found for content. Some of the .pdf materials have publication dates that are more than eight years old. However, users can trust the information to be reliable and accurate due to its backing by the American College of Emergency Physicians, a highly credible organization.


  1. Collection of articles on a variety of relevant topics such as home safety, prevention, travel safety, and infectious diseases
  2. Written in understandable language with lists and acronyms to help remember what to do in emergency situations
  3. Provides detailed overviews as well as to-the-point checklists available for download


  1. Currency of information hard to assess without the inclusion of publication/revision dates
  2. The information could be more comperhensive and better organized, especially "Health and Safety Tips"


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American College of Emergency Physicians, a professional organization of emergency medical physicians founded in 1968

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, interactive games, downloadable brochures, online store

Languages: English