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Epilepsy Foundation

Epilepsy Foundation has a wide range of detailed information about this condition written by medical professionals and patients. Topics include seizure types, diagnosis and treatment, medications to treat epilepsy, and general health and wellness. The website offers helpful advice for patients, including issues such as employment, driving, school safety, and medication. Epilepsy Foundation is highly recommended for its highly useful information and other resources for patients and their families.

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Review Date: 12/16/2019


Ease of Use

Each site category contains clearly marked subsections. When hovered over, they reveal an additional layer of topics, a scheme that doesn't feel complicated or cramped. This allows users to browse and expand specific sections based on interest. The search bar is comprehensive and allows for filtering, but for some reason users can't order content by date.

Visual Design

Visually the website is simple but effective from a user's standpoint. There's a good use of bright colors and white space so that the reader isn't overwhelmed. Additionally, many graphics and multimedia keep the reader interested.


Epilepsy Foundation contains a wide range of patient-centered information related to epilepsy and seizures, including sections on emergency management and drugs used to treat epilepsy. Although the Epilepsy Foundation funds a good deal of research in the field, few references are provided for the topics on this website. Notwithstanding, this is a high quality resource for people and caretakers living with epilepsy.


Being one of the more respected organizations in health advocacy, materials on Epilepsy Foundation are highly credible. Authors, reviewers, and editors are all clearly stated, most being highly qualified medical professionals, although specific credentials are only given for the Editors and Scientific Advisory Board. The website also posts dates of publication and review, which range from 1 month prior to this review to 6 years ago. It might be that topics are only reviewed when there is a change needed in the topic due to recent advances, but it's hard to be certain.


  1. Informative articles and multimedia explanations of topics related to epilepsy such as seizure types, genetic factors, and potential risks of the disease
  2. Accurate and readablel content written by medical professionals and patients
  3. Methods to connect with others via online chat, a 24/7 phone hotline, and active community forums
  4. Tool to look up state-specific driving laws
  5. Highly qualified advisory board


  1. Few reference citations provided for health content
  2. Much of the information is outdated, including over 5 years for the "Seizure Medication List" section
  3. Authors are medical professionals, yet credentials are absent


Sponsors / Affiliations: Epilepsy Foundation, a national nonprofit established in 1968 with 59 affiliates

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Downloadable fact sheets, online chat, 24/7 phone hotline, multimedia, supportive care information, caretaker training, patient stories, videos, links to additional educational information, community forums

Languages: English

Contact: contactus@efa.org