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Everyday Health provides some quality online health information, but the content is hit-or-miss. Specific information can be difficult to find, but users can learn about diagnosis, management, and prevention of more than 120 diseases and conditions, as well as tips for living a full, healthy life and many medications. Although there is a significant commercial presence, the site is recommended for content that is authoritative and easy to read for laypeople.

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Review Date: 12/23/2019


Ease of Use

The page layout allows users to browse material without much effort. There are no category tabs, but a drop down "Menu" button organizes topics by "Conditions," "Healthy Living," and "Health Tools." The site can be searched, but returns an overwhelming list of results, which may be sorted by relevancy. One noteworthy feature of the website is that on individual drug pages, clinical information is followed by consumer reviews, and FAQs. Articles are easy to read with dark font, plenty of white space, and bulleted lists. Advertisements interfere with the text and surround the text, cluttering the pages.

Visual Design

The visual design is simple but pleasant. Each article has a colorful, crisp image with clickable category heading and brief article title. Appealing candy-colored icon buttons access different portions of the website such as "Symptom Checker" and "Drug Finder."


Everyday Health has some quality information, but multiple factors limit the site's usefulness. The primary concern is the risk of commercial bias, which coupled with the limited scope, should make users leery of topics choices and some of the content. Intermittent referencing and lack of evidence-based sources make the topics less definitive.


Medical journalists and well-credentialed medical reviewers lend significant authority to the content. The medical field is very dynamic, so it is likely that some topics reviewed or updated more than 2 years ago are outdated and do not reflect current medical thinking. Overall, there are much better general medical sites that provide a more comprehensive, detailed, and organized experience.


  1. Dynamic site presenting articles by professional medical writers about more than 120 common health topics & medical conditions
  2. Users will appreciate the writing style, as it retains a tone of authority despite the consumer-friendly language used when exploring health concepts
  3. Inspirational profiles and first-person stories from people who are challenged by living with chronic conditions


  1. Some of the content may be outdated since there is no indication that topics are regularly reviewed or updated
  2. While some of the articles are about timely issues in health, other topic choices seem arbitrary
  3. Significant commercial presence, intrusive advertising, and articles written on behalf of sponsors may indicate some bias


Sponsors / Affiliations: For profit digital media company founded in 2002. Some content is guided and funded by advertising sponsors.

Accreditations: HON seal (4/2019)

Additional Features: Links to related topics, slideshows, newsletter, interactive tools, including a symptom checker, drug finder index, calorie counter, meal planner & healthy recipes, quizzes, social video

Languages: English