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This site is not recommended as a source of information for expectant mothers. The information is often not reliable from the perspective of science-based medicine; other times, the evidence comes from good sources but is used improperly. Many of the articles come to vague, incomplete conclusions, and much of the content must be purchased.

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Review Date: 4/18/2018


Ease of Use

The website is fairly intuitive to browse, in part because there isn't a whole lot of content to explore here. Buttons and links are prominently displayed, and category tabs are labeled appropriately. A major issue for visitors is the lack of free content, as much of the website is restricted to paying users.

Visual Design

The website features a professional yet playful visual design. Attractive colors, slick graphics, and a good use of negative space contribute to a pleasant visual experience.


The site's mission is to provide balanced, evidence-based materials on childbirth. However, the evidence used is limited to the author's viewpoint, resulting in a biased and unbiased look at birthing research. Additionally, the depth of analysis is good, but specific conclusions aren't aways available. Articles here are mostly about controversial topics that are limited in detail.


All content is authored by the website's founder, who holds advanced degrees in nursing but does not appear to have training in obstetrics or pediatrics. Posting dates are included on articles, as are references to the original scientific literature. Unfortunately, there seems to be a good deal of cherry-picking — highlighting the evidence that fits within the author's worldview while ignoring the rest.


  1. Easy to navigate and visually appealing
  2. Writing is aimed at the general reader


  1. Evidence used as support is often unreliable or not representative of the original findings
  2. Several pages rely on confusing and/or misleading statistics
  3. Much of the extended information must be purchased; this same information is available elsewhere for free
  4. Site's primary author states that she has calculated her own percentages and conclusions based on past statistics and studies
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