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FAIR Health offers pricing information to estimate the expected costs of medical procedures and treatments. This website is highly recommended for consumers seeking an estimate of potential costs for medical services, especially for those insured through Medicare. But like all tools of this nature, estimates vary depending on the user's location.

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Review Date: 4/16/2018


Ease of Use

This website has a lot of functionality, and it does a good job of majking sure users can access and use the various functions. Major categories are broken into smaller subtopics that can be browsed in the click of a button. And the site's Google-powered search bar is both powerful and fast.

Visual Design

FAIR Health relies on a simple, pleasant color scheme that's easy on the eyes as well as professional-looking icons for visual flair. Some of the information-oriented pages can be text-heavy and slightly crowded. Otherwise, the website's pieces come together nicely and provide a great experience to browse the site's content.


The site's cost estimates are based on private insurance and Medicare claims for medical and dental services from all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands since 2002. With more than 25 billion claims with about 1.7 billion new records each year, users will be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive guide to healthcare cost estimates.


No specific information about the development and accuracy of the cost comparison tools is provided. Instead, the website provides estimates — not precise quotes. Nevertheless, the website's health cost data is updated continuously and based on highly credible cost predictors.


  1. Medical and dental cost lookup tools estimate what percentage insurers will cover for out-of-network services
  2. Users can compare costs against private insurance and standard Medicare coverage
  3. Continuously uodated cost information
  4. General information about insurance types
  5. Comprehensive health cost glossary defines and explains common terms


  1. Crowded web design that may be overwhelming for users to navigate
  2. The accuracy of the search tool is unknown


Sponsors / Affiliations: FAIR Health, a national nonprofit organization supported in part by license fees for links to fairhealthconsumer.org and for educational material, videos and cost lookup tools

Accreditations: Quality Entity certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Additional Features: Health insurance education resources, cost glossary

Languages: English

Contact: consumer@fairhealth.org

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