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FamilyDoctor.org is operated and supported by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). It provides a variety of doctor-reviewed information on various conditions and family health care at all stages of life. This website is recommended as a comprehensive and easy-to-use health resource for anyone seeking general medical information.

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Review Date: 12/20/2019


Ease of Use

Major categories on the site organize content into broad topics. These tabs then allow users to search for terms within the category or filter those materials by subject, though it can be difficult narrowing in on a specific topic. Subtopics are arranged alphabetically by article title; a topic like "stress" is categorized as "Managing Daily Stress," which is confusing.

Visual Design

The visual design is clean if not a bit outdated. The site has plenty of stock-grade images, but there appears to be a general lack of video, audio, and interactive features aside from the site's superficial symtom-checker. Ocassionally pages go on and on without visual aids to keep the reader invested.


The website contains comprehensive and medically-accurate information on diseases/conditions, prevention/wellness, family health, and medications. Although not identified specifically or in individual articles, the information is based on the best available evidence-based medicine found in AAFP policies, clinical practice guidelines, reputable clinical journals, medical specialty societies, and government agencies.


Authors on FamilyDoctor.org are family doctors or professional writers/editors/producers who have relevant experience developing health content for patients. However, these authors are not specifically identified on each article. Articles do show dates of last update/review that are very recent, though, which helps the site's credibility.


  1. The website's collection of information is broad, and includes both common and uncommon conditions and topics
  2. User-friendly, with a variety of materials including informational overviews, blog-style articles, quizzes, and news
  3. Content on the site is published under a strict editorial policy where authors and reviewers are health experts and must have related work experience


  1. Articles may not contain the in-depth information found on more disease-specific websites
  2. Lack of images, videos, and audio
  3. Interactive symptom-checker tool is limited and frustrating because it doesn't allow users to run through the entire list of questions before settling on a possible cause


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Academy of Family Physicians, a nonprofit professional organization founded in 1947 to promote the science and art of family medicine., American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Links to additional resources, immunization schedules, news articles, symptom checker, medical dictionary, quizzes

Languages: English, Spanish

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