FamilyWize provides free price-lookups for generic and brand name drugs. The site also offers a free prescription savings card that can be used at any pharmacy. This website is useful for consumers who want to compare pharmacies to find competitive prescription drug prices.

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Review Date: 11/16/2018


Ease of Use

Searching for specific drugs is very easy. A helpful autofill feature prevents misspelling complicated drug names. Searches return costs at local pharmacies; choosing one gives the addresses of those that are closest to the user.

Visual Design

The homepage is professional and appealing, with bright colors and images to welcome visitors. Ultimately there isn't much content on FamilyWize. However, what's here is consistent and, aside from a few text-heavy pages, visual-oriented.


The site's prescription-savings tool is an important source for saving money on medications. It appears that FamilyWize allows consumers to compare most of all the popular prescription drugs, making this a valuable resource for financial assistance.


FamilyWize negotiates with nearly all pharmacies nationwide for prescription discounts. The website claims to include the most recent prices, but there are no dates provided to substantiate that. Otherwise, FamilyWize is a credible source of prescription assistance.


  1. User-friendly website that benefits anyone looking to save money on prescription drug costs
  2. Offers a prescription savings card or mobile app
  3. Provides local pharmacy information covering both urban and rural areas


  1. Not all pharmacies participate
  2. Site provides no details as to how frequently prices are negotiated


Sponsors / Affiliations: FamilyWize Community Service Partnership, a for-profit corporation founded in 2005

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, FAQs, newsletter, news

Languages: English, Spanish