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FindUrgentCare provides urgent care locations by ZIP code. This website is not recommended for readers since it has a very limited listing of urgent care centers. There are numerous other websites with a similar but more inclusive scope that users should consult instead.

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Review Date: 6/1/2018


Ease of Use

The website performs one function: listing urgent care centers that use Practice Velocity electronic medical record software. The search bar allows users to enter a ZIP code, city, or clinic name. Users can browse locations by state. State results appear as an alphabetical list by city. Clicking "View Details" for a result shows basic clinic information presented in a neat, crisp format. Very straightforward.

Visual Design

Streamlined layout with patient-centered images gets right to the point by presenting several clear search methods without the user needing to hunt or scroll. Profiles of specific urgent care centers are basic and not very engagning. Otherwise few issues here.


The number of facilities listed is too limited to be useful to most readers. Several states only have one or two facilities listed. Additionally, those centers listed are not necessarily high quality. Instead, visitors will only find urgent care centers using the Practice Velocity electronic health record keeping software.


There is very little information about who is responsible for the website's content. No dates are provided aside from a copyright date, last updated in 2016. Additionally, there is no evaluation of the quality of the urgent care centers listed.


  1. Eeasy to navigate and understand
  2. Urgent care locator works well for the facilities listed


  1. Limited listing of urgent care centers that is likely influenced by financials
  2. Some ZIP codes don't register as cities, while other results list areas from the state as a whole and not the specific region searched
  3. Only minimal information included for providers: address, hours, phone number, and Google map
  4. Many states have no listings
  5. There is no evaluation of the quality of the urgent care centers listed or information regarding the personnel


Sponsors / Affiliations: Practice Velocity LLC, a for-profit urgent care software and billing services company

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: None

Languages: English


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