Recommended is a comprehensive and credible source for young women to learn about physical, sexual, and social health. A wide range of highly relevant, high quality, user-friendly, and useful topics are explored here. This site is recommended as an excellent, go-to resource for young women that has frank and unbiased information for their users.

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Review Date: 11/7/2019


Ease of Use

Topics are organized via category tabs that cover relevant subject areas for young women including "Body," "Fitness," "Nutrition," "Your Feelings," "Relationships," etc. The site's search bar is powerful and offers several ways to filter results. An easy website to browse.

Visual Design

The site's design does feel a bit outdated. Visitors won't be turned away because of its visual layout, but it may be time for the site to upgrade to more contemporary design conventions.


The health information on can be trusted as a resource for young women's health, covering issues in both depth and scope. This is a one-top resource for the intended audience that remains balanced and educational despite its sometimes controversial subject matter. Although most likely evidence-based, there is no way to confirm this.

Credibility carries the authority of the U.S. government, which gives the content considerable credibility. But there are some areas where the website could boost its own credibility. Adding author names would help, as would updating the content more frequently. Most pages were updated more than four years ago. The site outlines its robust and credible editorial policy without providing details about individual reviewers..


  1. Writing is clear, understandable, audience-friendly, and jargon-free
  2. Large topics like fitness are broken down into manageable subtopics
  3. Site takes a nonjudgmental stance on difficult issues such as mental illness, drug use, and bullying


  1. The details about the information sources and contributors is lacking
  2. Most of the pages haven't been updated in over four years
  3. Lack of recent updating results in the omission of significant new problems, such as vaping
  4. Slightly outdated visual design


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