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Golden Reviews

Golden Reviews allows readers to individual senior care facilities for independent living, assisted living, nursing home, continuing care, in-home care, memory care, or hospice. The website is not recommended due to its list being limited to members small amount of reviewed facilities. Additionally, the tool to search for facilities by location was not functioning at the time of the review.

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Review Date: 5/31/2018


Ease of Use

Users can search this site's database of senior care living facilities by entering a specific name or location. Unfortunately, few locations show results.There are several helpful filters that allow users to expand or narrow results including distance, provider type, and average rating. Without a function search bar, the website is barely usable.

Visual Design

Visual design features attractive images that link to brief descriptions of types of senior care. Individual reviews are less dynamic, with stock-grade images and a good amount of clutter.


Golden Reviews provides a good and necessary service — unfortunately users cannot benefit from this service. The search function does not return senior living options, and no new reviews have been added since 2013. Those reviews that are available on the homepage seems to be interesting. But they are few and far between.


Reviews are written by the general public, which is helpful and personable. But there is little information about how the website verifies reviewers, or even about the organization itself. There is also little information about the age of reviews, with the few accessible ones being over five years old.


  1. Easy to use and understand, featuring a recognizable star-rating system
  2. Reviews broken down into useful categories like quality of care, food, cleanliness, etc.
  3. Occasional Medicare ratings based on the most recent government inspection


  1. Site is limited to members who request to join and take a pledge of care
  2. Very few user reviews to browse, especially for facilities located in rural areas
  3. Nonfunctioning search bar
  4. Information does not appear to be current


Sponsors / Affiliations: Golden Reviews, a for-profit senior care review platform founded by Leo Friedman in 2012

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: None

Languages: English


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