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HealthDay – Consumer Health News

HealthDay has a wealth of patient-centered health articles curated from various medical journals. The site's content includes daily original articles on the latest news and breakthroughs in health and medicine. The articles are easy to read so that lay readers can understand the clinical information quickly, however scientific studies may not be reported accurately.

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Review Date: 3/22/2019


Ease of Use

Pages are cluttered with advertisements and small font that is hard on the eyes. Advertisements and site content appear intermingled together so that users cannot easily distinguish between them. Dozens of topics/subtopic tabs intersperse the site's health articles, and there appears to be a great deal of overlap between them.

Visual Design

News articles don't include images. There is a section devoted specific to videos, but otherwise the website is not engaging to look at. In fact, it's cramped and confusing in many ways.


HealthDay's news articles for general readers contain valuable patient-centered information that is both concise and easy to read. Most articles include the citation of the original source of information upon which the news article is based. Visitors will not find an exhaustive breakdown of specific health conditions, but they can find plenty of information on the latest news related to health and medicine.


The information provided on HealthDay is provided by authors, usually journalists, who specialize in medical writing and using credible sources. Most of the site's content reflects current medical practices, although the backlog of health articles have not been updated or reviewed since publication. While readers can be sure the recent articles here reflect current conversations in health and medicine, they may not accurately interpret scientific articles they report.


  1. Articles published constantly throughout the day so readers can keep up on all the latest news
  2. Easy to read, even when discussing clinical research
  3. Topics are explored in adequate depth and include links to related topics


  1. Hard to find specific information within each topic
  2. Reproduces news but does not assess publication bias from which news is generated
  3. Pages are cluttered with intrusive advertising
  4. Scientific articles being reported on may not accurately interpreted


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