Recommended collects information and tools that help consumers stay informed about their health. Among the site's resources are 120 educational articles on health conditions, tips for staying healthy, and frequently updated medical news stories. is recommended to consumers because of its federal backing, its useful information regarding disease prevention, and its links to a wide variety of related information.

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Review Date: 12/30/2019


Ease of Use

The left-hand toolbar organizes the site into broad but understandable categories that further expand into relevant subtopics. The site's search bar is powerful, although it doesn't give users options to filter the results. Searches therefore lead to an unorganized list that can make it difficult to locate specific material.

Visual Design

The site doesn't have much visual flair, but that doesn't mean it will turn visitors away. Instead, offers a consistent and simple layout that enables users to find what they're looking for—health information. The website even makes an attempt to include images on most if not all pages, even though they appear to be stock-quailty.


Although each preventive care topic is useful, the topics are superficial and there are a limited number of topics (120). The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality are responsible for most of the content, both of which are high quality sources. However, no specific references are given.


Reviewer names and credentials are provided on each page, as are dates of last update. This is a U.S. government website, and therefore the health information is developed and/or reviewed by respected advisors or consultants with expertise in related health fields.


  1. The articles are easy to read and link to more detailed information sources
  2. MyHealthFinder tool gives personalized preventive services recommendations based on age and gender
  3. Writing is clear, to-the-point, and medically sourced


  1. There is only information about 120 preventitive health topics
  2. Information about diagnosis and treatment options is sometimes missing
  3. Although additional information can be found on linked external resources, it requires a lot of navagation


Sponsors / Affiliations: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Disease-specific resources and information, prevention reminders, quizzes, find services near you tool

Languages: English, Spanish