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Healthgrades helps users find hospitals and doctors by location, name, specialty, condition, or procedure. Visitors will be able to easily access basic information about each doctor and hospital listed, though the listings are limited. The site does allow patients to review doctors and hospitals based on personal experience, though there is a large subjective component to this feature.

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Review Date: 10/3/2018


Ease of Use

The website is very easy to use. Visitors only need to enter a general location or medical specialty to find relevant health professionals. But issues arise when trying to scan a doctor's review page. There is an overwhelming amount of information provided, all of which clutters the page and can be difficult to scan. A clearer organization would greatly benefit the user experience.

Visual Design

The site's visual design can be chaotic due to the amount of information on each page. But there's also a lack of distracting visual elements that would only further complicate the user's experience.


The quality of relevant information provided for each doctor is outstanding. It covers the gamut, from contact details to education to specialties to insurances covered. There's also a helpful section that collects user reviews based on personal experience. There is an inherent level of subjectivity built into this type of review system, but overall the reviews appear to be fair and honest.


The currency of profile information is hard to assess because the website's content is not dated. And the information regarding the type(s) of conditions and procedures the doctor specializes in is supplied by doctors themselves. Other information, like certifications and education, is supplied by other accredited sources. As a whole, the website appears to offer credible and mostly validated information on doctors.


  1. Doctors are clearly listed in order of distance and include a wide range of relevant information
  2. Allows users to select a doctor by location, name, specialty, condition, procedure, or any combination
  3. Great opportunity to provide patient reviews regarding direct experience with doctor/hospital


  1. Searches are limited to doctors that choose to join the service
  2. Pages are cluttered with advertisements for random Healthgrades articles
  3. Much of the content appears cluttered and can be difficult to sort through


Sponsors / Affiliations: Healthgrades Operating Company Inc., a for-profit physician rating and comparison database established in 1998

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Doctor finder tool, online appointment scheduling, discussion groups, blog, news

Languages: English


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